To be eligible for the Finish in Four On-Time Completion Award in its current pilot phase, you must satisfy the following requirements.

You must attend Indiana University for all four years.

To be eligible for the Finish in Four On-Time Completion Award,  you must have enrolled as a freshman at an Indiana University campus. Both resident and nonresident students qualify for the program. However, transfer students can't participate.

You must achieve junior (60 hours after two years) or senior (90 hours after three years) status by Fall 2013.

To qualify for the Finish in Four award when the program launches, you  must have achieved a minimum of  junior status (60 hours after two years) by Fall 2013. If you are currently behind, you can take advantage of the Summer Tuition Discount during the Summer 2013 semester to make up the necessary credits.

If you're currently a junior, you must complete 90 credit hours by Fall 2014 to remain qualified.

The Finish in Four award is calculated one year at a time. To remain eligible during the second year of the pilot program, current juniors will need to achieve senior status (90 hours) by Fall 2014. However, you can take classes during the Summer 2014 semester to qualify.

No application is needed.  If you are eligible, the completion award will be automatically applied.

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